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Our Story

Detroit Chassis was formed just a few years back by the passion of two hot rod enthusiasts. With years of combined engineering, hot rodding and business experience behind them, owners Darryl Williams and John “Duck” Wood have seen their dream come to fruition.

The pair have teamed up to provide hot-rodders with a one stop chassis and body shop that supply enthusiasts with quality builds for their next rod.

2019 has seen the business expand by acquiring Deuce Customs. These world renowned, premium composite Hot Rod bodies will now be manufactured in house at Detroit Chassis.

Our Beliefs

The team believes in quality products and service at a price that ensures you will use them for your current build any many more to come.

We believe great service starts with open, honest communication. We engage with each of our customers from the beginning and we tell all the steps to the process, we let them know exactly what we are doing and why we are doing it. This keeps each build unique and the customer entirely in the loop –  making you a part of the actual process.

Darryl and Duck recognised a void in the rodder market, customers weren’t getting the quality they were after. “There’s a lot of people in it for the money, they’ve lost their heart for the game.” said Darryl “We want to be the best, and do things right by the customer. That’s why they’ll keep coming back.”

Our Promise

We keep it real, we’re your one stop shop for all of your Hot Rod chassis and body requirements.